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Jazzy-Software S.L.U.

Partida Pinard 79
E-03860 Lorcha/L'Orxa

Phone: +34 722 691 329
Tax-ID: (ES) B54995717

CEO/Administrador Unico
Martin Leo Köster
Organisationsprogrammierer UNIX (CDI)


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Customer Area

We have set up a customer area for communication and cooperation with our customers. Request access without obligation.


For secure and private email-communications we can use GPG to encrypt and sign emails. GPG is available for all Operating Systems. For the communication of confidential information and documents we recommend the use of GPG.

Fingerprint of our public key: 7435 2AF7 BB2E 481A DE7E E4B1 3411 BB59 CA4E 939C

You may download the public key from here.

Privacy Policy

We take privacy seriously. Cookies are only stored for the duration of the login in the customer area. We embed no trackers.

Server logs store IP addresses for a limited time only to ensure secure server operation.

Customer and other contact information will only be stored to the extent necessary to process inquiries and orders, or as required for proper bookkeeping.

Read more in our privacy policy.