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Customer and Team Area

We host our own Mattermost server for communication and collaboration with our customers (and our own teams). We offer chat (and audio conference, still beta) and other teamwork tools such as kanban boards.

We prefer the written chat because that way discussions and agreements are later understandable for both sides. In this way, ambiguities can be uncovered quickly and misunderstandings avoided.

Security and Confidentiality

Since our Mattermost instance is on our own web server, no data or agreements can be viewed by third parties. Every customer gets his own team room, which can only be viewed by him and us.

Our chat is also a secure alternative to unencrypted email for the transmission of access data.


How does this work?

For the first login you will receive a login link. Call up the link in your browser and enter your email address, a user name and a password when logging in. Finished.

After you can call up the customer area at any time and log in with your login data. You can also invite your employees or other trusted people.

Mattermost is open source software for team collaboration. So far as self hosted instances are concerned, Mattermost's terms of use apply to the use of the software. We offer this service voluntarily and have the house right. We can discontinue this service at any time or exclude individuals from it without giving any reason.

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