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Development of Custom Software

Our Services

  • Applicationsoftware
  • Serversoftware
  • Installation and maintainment of Linux Servers
  • Interfaces
  • Modules und Extensions
  • Database Developement
  • MySQL/MariaDB and MS-SQL
  • Data Im- and Export
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Processing and Evaluation
  • Processing of and Export to Word, Excel, OpenOffice, PDF and more.

Programming with Python

We prefer to develop operating system-independent software with Python. Regardless of whether you work with Windows, Linux, Unix or OSX, this software runs everywhere. Fast, effective development from small scripts to full-blown applications. Connectivity, client-server software, database connections.

Python programs are fast, versatile, flexible. They can be developed quickly and are easy to maintain. We have interfaces to almost all data formats, from MS Excel and Word to dBase to MS SQL and MySQL.

We develop ergonomic user interfaces with our own framework.

Other programming languages

We develop in C / C ++ for speed and resource economy. In addition, of course, in PHP and Javascript.

Client-server and standalone applications

We program OS-independent and OS-specific software. We have experience in connecting warehouse software with the shops of Ebay, Amazon, Rakuten and other shop software.

We process and convert data.

We develop solutions.


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