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Web Hosting

Hosting is the home of your website. A hoster manages your domain name, provides you with a web server, space for your site and the connection to the Internet.


The three Types of Hosting

Shared Hosting

The all-round carefree package. You don't have to worry about anything. But that also has disadvantages. You cannot, or only slightly, change the configuration of the web server.

Your website shares computing power, internet address (IP) and internet connection with other customers of your hoster. There are often quite a few, depending on the price of the hosting, between a few hundred and several thousand. You (hopefully) get what you pay for, because no one tells you how many websites are still hosted on the server. But you often notice it in the poor performance of your site.

Hard disk space is a popular advertising argument. One advertises with several 100 GB. In the knowledge that you will never need them for your Wordpress or your shop.

You often need far less than 10 GB for a small website or a for a shop.

We tell you how many other sites you share CPU, RAM, IP and internet connection with. In the worst case, there are 7. We also don't offer conventional hard drives, only hosting with fast SSDs. Even our cheapest offer is already a power pack.

VPS – Virtual Private Servers

Here you again share a physical computer with other customers. However, your web presence runs isolated in a so-called Virtual Machine (VM), a computer emulated by software. It has its own operating system installed, over which you have full control. This VM is usually assigned a defined computing power and a defined main memory. And you have your own IP.

It's safe and flexible. Safe, because your neighbor does not share your server and database software on the computer. Flexible because you control what is installed on your web server.

Dedicated Hosting

Your website is located on its own physical server. It can be addressed via its own IP, and ideally it also has its own Internet connection.

This is technically the best, but also the most expensive solution.


We are admins

We do not operate our own data center, our web servers are provided by large, reliable providers. But we administrate the web servers ourselves. This is your advantage, because we can flexibly implement the requirements of your website or web application even with shared hosting.

And unlike a 1-click install, our servers and websites are secured from the start.

Exemple Prices

Shared Hosting

1 IP / 8, 1 CPU / 4, 512 MB RAM. 12 GB SSD
Website, Blog, Small Shop

7 € / month

Shared hosting

1 IP / 4, 1 CPU / 2 , 1 GB RAM. 25 GB SSD
Website, Blog, Shop

14 € / month

Virtual Private Server

Dedicated IP, 2 CPU 4 GB RAM 120 GB SSD, 400 MBit network connection, incl. maintenance

60 € / month

Dedicated Server

Your own Server: 6 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD, 1 GBit network connection, incl. maintenance

110 € / month

Our offers include unlimited traffic and our 1st Class Support.

Our Services

We'll choose the hosting that's right for your needs, and we'll take care of setup and maintenance. For us you are not just a number among many, but you will receive the individual support that you deserve.

We do not offer off-the-shelf packages, but will make you an offer tailored to your specific needs, including development and maintenance of your website or shop. Ask us for an individual offer.