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Shopify Produktmanager


Desktop application to import and update Shopify inventory from supplier file at the push of a button. For Windows, Linux and Mac-OS. Also as a web application for fully automatic updating of stocks.

Cycle route planner

The bike tour planner is a Wordpress plug-in with the integration of OpenStreetMap (OSM).

The website visitor can choose their own stages from an existing route according to stage length or number of stages. He can choose a start and destination from the route and reverse the route with a simple click.

A map with markers for the stages and an altitude profile is displayed. The stages at the bottom of the screen can be unfolded, then a map of the stage with height profile is displayed.

The website owner can create and manage the routes in the backend, as well as import their own GPX files for the altitude profile. The GPX data can be smoothed out to compensate for misalignments from the tracker.

The plugin is in operation since 2020, and numerous features have been added to it since then. So lhe display of "Points of Interst" was implemented and the tours can be downloaded as a PDF document with all the selected stages and maps.

In a further stage, the display of picture series provided with GPS data was added.

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Etherpadserver for Speech-to-Text Interpreter

A speech-to-text interpreter supports hearing-impaired or deaf persons by taking notes on business, private and official appointments, lectures, etc. He is connected to these appointments via video conference and takes down what is said so that the customer can read the conversation in real time on his laptop.

We set up a virtual server with an etherpad and adapted the etherpad to the special requirements. What is important for the speech-to-text interpreter is the writing speed, which has to keep up with the spoken word. The most important adjustment was therefore the implementation of a translation table for converting abbreviations into full words.

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Prestashop Dropshipping


The customer sells tires with a Prestashop, from which an eBay and Amazon shop are updated with Magnalister. He needed a module to import articles on a daily basis. Its supplier provides an article file with around 100,000 articles for download. This is updated twice a day.

The Prestashop module we have created automatically downloads this catalog twice a day, updates the prices from it and deactivates items that are no longer included. Item images are updated from the supplier's website at night, and new items are imported once a week.

For timing reasons, the module cannot work with the slow Prestashop import routine, but rather modifies and creates articles with the corresponding Prestashop functions and direct database access. The processing time including the download of the article catalog is less than 5 minutes.

However, we had to move the customer's shop to a virtual server because his premium hosting promised unlimited storage space, but limited the number of possible files - and this was not enough.

Image Database


The customer is a medium-sized manufacturer of patio roofs. He needs pictures of completed projects for presentation in customer acquisition. Until now, these were managed in an Excel table.

The task was to create an in-house client to manage the images as well as a web application that his field staff can use to call up images from a selection of 62 criteria in addition to the customer master data.

The images are kept on a virtual server on which an Apache server and a MariaDB server run for data management. The customer master data is managed in a MariaDB database on the VServer.

The multi-user in-house client was developed with Python / Tkinter and runs under Windows. It enables the import of Excel tables and the management of customer data as well as the uploading of images and deletion on the server. Using a three-level authorization system, it also enables control of the access authorizations of employees.

The web application was implemented in Python ( and Javascript. After logging in, it enables field staff to read the image database and search for images using the same criteria as the in-house client.

Article configurator for Shopware


For a manufacturer of decors for motorcycles we developed an article configurator as a Shopware 4 plugin. The color of the decor for individual motorcycle models can be modified with the item configurator. The motorcycle can be shown from the side, from the front and from above.

The customer can save his configuration of the decor in the memo or shopping cart and modify it later or initiate the ordering process directly.

Item and order management for eBay, Amazon and Rakuten

We developed an interface to the online marketplaces eBay, Amazon and Rakuten for the sale of electronic components.

The customer works with a self-developed industry software and required interfaces to eBay, Amazon and Rakuten. We developed these in Python and Tkinter. Our software runs as a service on a Windows server and for article processing on Windows single-user computers.

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