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IT-Security & Data Protection


IT security, data security and data protection are extremely important for small and large companies. There are not only high penalties for negligent handling of the data of business partners and website visitors. A data leak or data loss is also a direct threat to the existence of many companies. The trend towards outsourcing data and processes into ·the cloud" does not reduce the danger.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of "cyber security" is the "hacker" who gains access to the company network or website. In fact, new vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered in the software used, which make it possible to break into the relevant servers. Here it is important that the updates are carried out regularly and quickly. Proper configuration and monitoring of the server does the rest and is supplemented by an intelligent and well thought-out backup strategy.

For websites, the implementation of a content security policy is a tried and tested means of preventing security vulnerabilities such as XSS from being exploited.

However, the biggest gateway for malware and the theft of access data is the mail server, or more precisely, the incoming phishing mails. Disaster for your company is often just a click away. Reasonable selection of the software to be used and, last but not least, constant user training help here.

We secure and monitor website and server and help with attacks and malware.


Data Protection

The GDPR came into effect in the European Union on May 25, 2018. Not only large but also small companies are affected. This has consequences for everyone who runs an online shop or processes customer data in their company. You are responsible for the protection and security of the information your customers entrust to you.

We take data protection very seriously and we support you in all data protection issues for your benefit and that of your customers.

Our Services


Implementation of SSL and Content Security Policies for your website.

Email encryption with GnuPG - implementations from the mail program to the mail server

Monitoring and pentration testing.

Backup soluitions.

Help on malware or attacks against your website or web server.

Data traffic encryption with Virtual Private Networks amd - when seccret really means seccret - hidden means of encrypted data exchange over the net.

Analysis of business processes and data processing with regard to security and data protection with special consideration of the requirements of the GDPR.

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