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Our siteEdit Webeditor

Website editor for companies, organizations and anyone who often wants to change or supplement the content of their homepage. We create your homepage and provide you with siteEdit a software, with which you can edit the contents of your sides fast and simply.



Our siteEdit is a software that lets you edit your pages while maintaining the basic design of your pages. You can create texts, shape them within your existing design, create headlines, and edit the headers necessary for Google (titles, description, etc.). You can add new pages and delete pages. You generate your pages and automatically upload them onto your webspace with ohne click.

Integrated into the program is a complete image editor that automatically fits your images into the page and offers a variety of editing options. You can crop, zoom in or out, adjust brightness and contrast and much more.


siteEdit is developed in Python and works under Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


Speed and Effectiveness. You can edit your page as easily as you create a text with a simple word processor.

Simplicity: They only care about what's really necessary. The rest will be done automatically for you.

Your web server can also be simple. You do not need PHP or a database. And even with a slow provider, your pages load faster than those of your competitor with Wordpress or Typo3.

Security: Your web server only has static HTML. You do not have to worry about security gaps and security updates of a CMS. Your homepage can not be hacked.

You do not have to worry about backing up your pages. Because you always keep the pages on the computer with which you edit the pages.

Privacy: You do not collect data, you do not need cookies, you have no links to third-party servers. Your privacy policy may read: "we do not collect data". But if needed, we can include SEO-Instruments like Google-Analytics.

Flexibility: Like your website, we adapt siteEdit to your needs and wishes.

Cost-cutting: siteEdit permanently minimizes the costs for the operation and maintenance of your website.