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Communication and data exchange in the local network with jazzyLanTalk

With jazzyLanTalk we have developed a new software for communication in the local network. As a basic functionality, jazzyLanTalk enables the secure and fast exchange of written messages and documents between workstations in the network. But this results in a variety of other options.

When developing jazzyLanTalk we set 4 priorities:

1. Security

The security of your data is important to us and with the GDPR you are also responsible for the security of your customers' data. jazzyLanTalk ensures secure communication between workstations and ensures that only authorized users can access confidential information.


jazzyLanTalk transfers all data between the workstations in encrypted form. Messages and documents are protected from unauthorized access and can only be decrypted and read on the recipient's device.

2. Ease of use

jazzyLanTalk has a simple and intuitive user interface that is easy to use even for non-technical users.

jazzyLanTalk shows in a bar the currently occupied computer workstations on which jazzyLanTalk is active and enables the transmission of text messages and documents with a mouse click. Messages are sent directly from computer to computer without detours via email.

3. Flexibility and scalability

jazzyLanTalk is extremely flexible and allows users to send and receive messages and documents from any workstation on the LAN. jazzyLanTalk is operating system independent and runs on MS-Windows, Unix, Linux and MacOS. The system can be used in heterogeneous environments with different operating systems.

The integration of many file formats (Excel, Word, PDF...) and databases (MS-SQL, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite...) enables expansion with access to your existing data sets.

jazzyLanTalk is highly scalable and allows for quick and cost-effective expansion with additional functions and adaptation to specific requirements and processes. We can expand it into a customized groupware, CRM or ERP solution. These are not cloud solutions; your valuable data remains on your own computers.

4. Cost effective

jazzyLanTalk is more cost-effective than other types of messaging systems because it does not require the purchase of expensive hardware or software. An expansion offers a significant cost advantage compared to systems from large providers such as Microsoft or SAP.

jazzyLanTalk licenses and prices

License price40 € / month100 € / month€2600
plus per workplace1 € / month1 € / month
Sending messages
Sending documents
Mailer (individual and mass emails)
End-to-end encryption
Support via chat3 months
Support via remote maintenance3 months
Bug fixes and security updates3 months
Functional and comfort updates
Individual extensions and adjustmentsoptional

jazzyLanTalk Basic

If you are simply looking for a cheap messenger for your LAN. You get the basic functionalities at an affordable price. You can exchange messages and documents quickly and securely.

jazzyLanTalk Plus

The Plus license is suitable for companies that expect individual adjustments and comprehensive support and advice. With this license you always receive the latest features from jazzyLanTalk, including premium maintenance and support.


With the basic functionalities of message and document exchange, jazzyLanTalk already provides the infrastructure for secure data exchange between the participating workstations. On this basis, we can gradually and cost-effectively expand jazzyLanTalk with additional functions to automate your IT and your business processes:

  • User and group level access permissions
  • Processing and creation of common file formats such as Excel or PDF files
  • Connection of external data sources
  • shared address books and calendars
  • Synchronization of files and directories between different workstations
  • Backups
  • Archiving of email and documents
  • Creation of automated or semi-automated workflows
  • Customer and order processing and much more

These functionalities must be adapted to the individual processes and structures of your company.

Your cost advantage

The effort for individual development is reduced because almost all of the necessary functionalities are already implemented in jazzyLanTalk. So all that remains is the truly individual adjustment effort. A real cost advantage.

Individual workflow

Common features


We give our business partners with the Plus license a 5% discount on programming and consulting services for individual adjustments. You retain full cost control and we create the tailor-made digitalization solution for your company based on jazzyLanTalk. Step by step. You set the budget and pace.

jazzyLanTalk Source

The source license gives you full access to the source code of jazzyLanTalk. You can audit and modify the source code. We would be happy to support you with training and advice.

However, we expect you to sign an NDA, you may only use developments based on our code internally and not resell them.

We would also be happy to offer you an additional individual maintenance contract.

jazzyLanTalk Bridge

We connect existing jazzyLanTalk networks via the Internet via our server.

  • Connection of different jazzyLanTalk networks.
  • Connection of external devices on the Internet to a jazzyLanTalk network.
  • Connection of Android and IOS devices to a jazzyLanTalk network.

The communication here is also end-to-end encrypted. Price on request.

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