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jazzy-software Sunday, 5.November 2023

Updated Sunday, 5.November 2023


About artificial intelligence

A few years ago “Blockchain”, today “Artificial Intelligence” is the solution to all problems. Whether it fits the problem or not.


jazzy-software Monday, 30.October 2023

Updated Saturday, 18.November 2023


Multilingual websites

Would you like to address people or win customers in several language areas with your website? Then you need a multilingual website.


jazzy-software Monday, 30.October 2023

Updated Monday, 30.October 2023


About: Operating Systems

“You will own nothing and you will be happy”. In the field of computers and data, Klaus Schwab's word becomes reality.



Switzerland: Cybercriminals publish tax administration data on the darknet

Sunday, 26.November 2023

Swiss federal authorities are also affected by a ransomware attack on the Basel company Concevis. Sensitive information about bank customers was leaked.

The big security disaster in IT

Wednesday, 22.November 2023

Unfortunately, Microsoft networks are inherently insecure. There is a solution to protect yourself from attacks. Only Microsoft knows why it is so well hidden.

Australia locks down ports after ‘nationally significant’ cyberattack

Saturday, 11.November 2023

The operator shut down four ports at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Fremantle after detecting a cybersecurity incident late on Friday night. The restrictions imposed by DP World meant ships were unable to unload freight and freight was also barred from leaving the port site.

Microsoft grabs access data: Beware of the new Outlook

Saturday, 11.November 2023

Anyone who tries out the new Outlook risks having their IMAP and SMTP access data for mail accounts and all emails transferred to Microsoft servers.